July 29, 2003

Administrative Memo

It is now the official policy of this website to slander, insult, and chide Tim the Michigander, who is a fat idiot, at every convenient moment. That is all.

Posted by John at July 29, 2003 04:40 PM | TrackBack

You know that this means war. I predict you'll lose based on the fact that you live about seven hundred miles closer to France than I do.

Also I can spell better than you, that's gotta count for something.

Posted by: Tim the Michigander at July 29, 2003 05:23 PM

Sorry man, spelling counts for nothing.

I may be closer to france, but you're practically in canada, which is french, and therefore you will be smoten mightily.

Posted by: Collins at July 29, 2003 05:30 PM

"smoten"?!?!?! Shouldn't that be "smited"?

Posted by: Ted Phipps at July 29, 2003 07:36 PM

Whatd i just tell you about spleling, you stupid michigandian!?!

p.s. tim smells.

Posted by: Collins at July 29, 2003 07:53 PM

Smited and smitten are both acceptable. Interestingly Collins found himself unable to use either of the two real words, an error somewhat akin to his attempted spelling of Frnak which is itself an intentional wrong spelling.

Thus proving my thesis: Collins is an semi-literate idiot.

Posted by: Tim the Michigander at July 29, 2003 08:43 PM

Focussing on numismatics, and commenting upon current legal and world events.

Posted by: Malefactor at May 2, 2005 05:07 AM
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