July 30, 2003

Raul Mondesi

So last night the Yankees traded Raul Mondesi for an old catcher's mitt and an autographed picture of Don Knotts. The guy had an attitude problem, he wasn't a team player, so he had to go. I can respect that. But it's still Raul Mondesi. He has one of the best arms in baseball, regardless of what kind of slump he's in he's got a good bat, and for his size he has decent speed. So the Yankees go ahead and trade him for a single a pitcher and an average at best outfielder. What's going on in your head Cashman?

I know you wanted to dump the guy, but you could've got a valuable player for him. For chrissakes, you dumped him so that Garcia and Pride could get more playing time, and you trade him for another outfielder who isn't as good as he is?! Fucking brilliant. I don't know what's going on in the Yankee organization anymore. They need bullpen help, and they stand by and watch Boston pick up every decent arm that's on the trading block, and you get fucking Armondo Benitez and Jesse Orosco.

Which reminds me:

It's wednesday, and Armondo Benitez still sucks.

Then you trade a guy who's got the 2nd best arm in right field in the whole league(second, of course, to Vladimir Guerrero) for absolutely no one, while boston picks up a talented pitcher. Are you trying to help them end the curse? What's the deal boys? There better be some serious trade activity today, or else the Yankees are gonna be in quite a shitty situation come september. Fuckin christ, you guys practically invented the rule, and now you've forgotten it? Pitching wins championships. Good hitting will get you into the playoff hunt, good defense will get you into theplayoffs. But once you get there, if you don't have a bullpen you'll be dead in the water. And the Yankees don't have a bullpen, they have a guy who's my dad's age and Armondo fucking Benitez. Get your shit together, Cashman, or Steinbrenner is gonna show you the door.

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These rants suck--I'm outa here.

Posted by: bart at July 31, 2003 04:05 AM
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