July 31, 2003

Welcome Home Aaron

The New York Yankees traded for Aaron Boone today. Welcome to the evil empire, Aaron. You just completed one of the greatest infields major league baseball has ever seen. When you say all-star infield, and your talking about the Yankees, your being literal.

1b Jason Giambi
2b Alfonso Soriano
SS Derek Jeter
3b Aaron Boone
C Jorge Posada
P They're all nasty

I'm not too happy about getting rid of Brandon Clausson, a minor league pitcher who had good stuff when he came up for one game against the Mutts this year, but for a guy like Aaron Boone it might just be worth it. We also picked up Gabe White, a decent but not spectacular relief pitcher. But when your other options are Jesse Orosco(who's like 90) and Armondo Benitez(who still sucks), the guy starts to look a hell of alot better.

Boston also picked up two solid pitchers in Jeff Suppan and Brandon Lyon from the pirates. The good news is that they ravaged their farm system to do it, giving up their best prospect, Freddy Sanchez, who will be a quality second baseman some day.

The trade deadline doesn't mean shit to the yankees. Look for them to pick up some more pitching before the playoffs on waivers, or whatever scam they run to trade players after the trade deadline ends.

I gotta say that i'm sorry to see Robin Ventura go. He was one of my favorite yankees, always solid in the field, always the right attitude in the clubhouse. He's been in a hell of a slump lately, but you gotta believe a guy like Ventura is going to come around eventually. Too bad for him that eventually isn't how long the Yankees wait for guysto come around.(although you wouldn't know it looking at Jeff "oragami" Weaver and Sterling "my best pitch is a change up" Hitchcock) I'm sure he'll do well in L.A..

I can't believe Aaron Boone is a Yankee. How did you let that happen Boston? The curse continues.

Posted by John at July 31, 2003 05:10 PM

Yeah, but the Giants got Ponson! Oooo-rah!!!

BTW, your comments are really really slow to load.

Posted by: Ted at July 31, 2003 08:59 PM

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